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Initial Assessment

Every prospective participant that walks through the door at Tommy John Performance and Healing Center receives a definitive health history interview and is given a thorough examination.


The resulting findings are the "bread crumbs" or "road map" each individual expresses based on their level of function emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically on that particular day.  Based on these findings, Tommy is then guided by the individual to put together a comprehensive plan of action each person can then take home and apply.  If done with purpose, consistency, grit, determination and effort, the individual will heal, they will be at a level of function in all systems greater than when they walked in, and they do not ever have to come back.  They become their own guru and healer.  The individual plans are infinite and ever changing because the person is never the same each time they apply the changes. This is the beauty and power of Tommy's approach to healing and performance.  The plans allow the person to apply a level of sustainable stimulus greater than any that caused the injury in the first place removing any post traumatic barriers the body will set up to protect us from ever experiencing the scenario we chose that created the force we were not able to adapt to that resulted in what people call injury.  And these plans can be applied to the day of our last breath.


Regardless of what a new participant first presents with regarding pain or a previously diagnosed condition, that is no longer their identity with the Tommy John Anti-System of Rehab and Human Performance. This anti-system identifies in regards to their respective "diagnosis" or symptom pattern the specific neurological, physical, and emotional conditions that are as unique to an individual as their injury fingerprint.

You heal you. But you must do the work. Everyday.

Identifying the Injury Fingerprint

The Tommy John System of Rehab and Human Performance specifically includes:

  • Tests that assess strength endurance, tissue resilience, emotional capacity, competitive readiness, compensatory and fatigue patterns...basically what does the body do when it begins to feel threat and there is a life or death scenario present. Fancy talk for "what can your system handle and what happens when it tries to survive."

  • Basic, fundamental, individualized life training protocols utilizing the highest level of neurological input.  When the candidate has evolved and adapted to beginner levels of training they are eventually moved to a more advanced system of training utilizing bodyweight with the goal to restore the individual back to a postural and neuromuscular state they experienced under their own developmental approach at 3-4 years of age.

  • As ancillary additions to the system and not any less important are a belief in something greater than self, purpose, relationships, sleep/naps, breath/meditation/prayer, sun/Natural light exposure, nourishment, and movement along--The 8 Essentials to healing and all integral to the eventual ultimate good health, healing and performance of each individual receiving care at Tommy John Performance and Healing Center.

Thermographic Infrared Spine Scan

Your body is always in a state of healing and adapting to your environment.  Symptoms are the healthiest way to get your attention to change.


Are you listening?



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